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Harrogate parents consulted;Letter

WE NOTE with concern the gross misrepresentation of facts concerning the opting-out campaign at Harrogate grammar school .

The article (TES, April 23) suggests that parents' approval to opt out was never sought. In fact they voted by 1,303 to 469 to oppose opting out as did 78 per cent of the staff. Suggestions that anti-GM governors contacted the media "in an attempt to block the process'' was not the case. The governing body voted democratically to ballot parents. We were, however, concerned that parents were being denied access to both sides of the GM argument.

We cannot understand why the head, Kevin McAleese should continue to be so scathing of the education authority which has consistently supported the school in its campaign for funds. We have no recollection of the "unpleasantness and antagonism'' Mr McAleese said he experienced in obtaining buildings from the authority.

Governors past and present, some of whom have served on the governing body for more than 10 years, have repeatedly tried to work in harmony with Mr McAleese. We are saddened that his comments on GM should serve to undermine much of the constructive work undertaken by governors and the LEA.

George Crowther, Frank Gilchrist; Cyril Hall; Karin Hornsey; Tim Hurren; Diane Myers; Angela Sansam Past and present governors Harrogate grammar school

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