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Hart to Hart in Moray Place

The withdrawal of one of the "anti-McCrone" candidates contesting the vice-presidency of the Educational Institute of Scotland has paved the way for a unique marital double in the union's hierarchy.

John Dennis, the leadership's scourge from Dumfries High, has pulled out - or, technically, failed to submit his nomination despite receiving the support of his local association's executive committee.

This gives a clear run to Glasgow primary teacher Alana Ross, aka Mrs Willie Hart, wife of the Glasgow EIS secretary and former national union president.

And unless somthing untoward, nay cataclysmic, happens, viz a challenge, Alana will be a shoo-in for the presidency next year.

The Hart-Ross dynasty looks certain to be short-lived, however. Their daughter Janis, who has probably taken part in more union marches and rallies in her young life than EIS members have had hot dinners, has no plans to enter teaching.

She has opted for the challenges of a degree in hospitality management, which is something that her mother will also have to get used to once she embarks on the gruelling round of presidential visits and junkets.

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