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Has a decision been made about your

S1-3 curriculum?

Posted by grunwald

I worry about the position of modern languages in S3. ML (as yet) is not joining up with any other subject(s) in a faculty (in our school) and some heads want to get rid of it. It looks like we're going for a common curriculum in S1-2, with an orientation phase in S3.

Posted by Winaukee

It looks like we are going to keep S1 as it is and in S2 pupils will choose two subjects they get one period a week. This will include digital computer gaming and photography, which staff have a personal interest in. In S3 it gets crazy, with pupils picking five subjects for a year, being tested only in literacy and numeracy. S4 pupils choose again what they want to do exams in. This means pupil X could do chemistry in S3, realise it is pants and do physics in S4. No one knows if this will work.

Posted by Dominie

Schools should not make plans. We've not had Building the Curriculum 4. It will have advice re possible approaches in S1-3. Nor have we had final results of the consultations on national qualifications.

Posted by cullodensoldier

We're discussing it in my school.

Posted by catmother

We are forging ahead with it too.

Posted by Dominie

BTC4 is imminent, but that means nothing, given the delays we've seen. I'm worried that some schools might charge ahead with all kinds of schemes which may have a disastrous impact on pupils and on "minority" subjects. It's not just ML teachers who should be concerned. Secondary teachers face a scenario where P7 may be extended to S3, if some people have their way. Subject teaching may be replaced in some schools by cross-curricular schemes. If you think this is scaremongering, consider what happened in some schools with early presentation. Despite evidence that it's not a good idea, and against the express advice of the Scottish Government, some HTs charged ahead! Teachers in secondaries should be telling SMTs to use the year's delay to allow a full discussion of possible scenarios.

Posted by jenmace

I am concerned that schools will use A Curriculum for Excellence and the changes as an excuse to phase languages out or scale them down. Councils seem very reluctant to make any ML posts permanent until they know what is going on., click on TES Scotland, then opinion.

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