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Have a ball with the ugly bugs

INSECT LORE EUROPE. 1999 Catalogue.

It's a bug's life and if you haven't seen the movie then it's time to check out Insect Lore Europe.

This company believes our lives would be much richer if there were more living things in it and that children learn more about the processes of life by seeing them in action.

Here we have a Butterfly Garden School Kit (with 33 Painted Lady caterpillars, butterfly house, plus food instructions) for pound;37.59 (inc. VAT); or how about Awesome Ant Works (with tunnels, "megatowns", multi coloured sand and activity book) for pound;14.04? Or maybe a hand puppet? There are several, which start with a wee worm-in-an-apple finger puppet (pound;4.64) and grow to an enormous green preying mantis (pound;25.79). Insect Lore also has a lovely range of books and videos, puzzles, posters and games.

PO Box 1420, Milton Keynes MK14 6ZQ. Tel: 01908 200794, or visit website

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