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Have faith in our admissions

Your leader column is right to observe that school admissions is a complex business ("Too many admissions obstacles", TES, October 17). However, your statement that "parents, church schools and the courts all stand in the path of admissions that are fair to all" could be interpreted as a criticism of all parents, church schools and courts.

I would hope that, in a paper as respected as The TES, that was not your intention. Parents, church schools and courts generally behave in a just way. I hope you are not mistaking diversity for unfairness. Our school system is richly diverse and church schools have played a valued part in its development.

You say "many church schools have maintained restrictive admissions policies that display little Christian charity". Not all church schools are innocent of that charge but I hope that your use of the word "many" was not a device to imply "majority". The majority of church schools do operate admission procedures in a manner that is fair and consistent with their beliefs.

J Hughes Headteacher English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College, Catcote Road, Hartlepool

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