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Have a pop at this..

Test yourself with Peter Oldfield's fun and festive quiz.

General Knowledge

1. What links Kamikaze, Sirocco, Chinook and Khamsin?

2. What is Yell?

a) A village in Fife

b) A hill in Glasgow

c) One of the Shetland Islands

3. Which Asian city now has more Michelin starred restaurants than Paris?

4. How many people died in the Great Fire of London?

a) 34

b) 6

c) 14,249

5. What links Newcastle 1734, Liverpool 1812, Derby and Aberdeen 1852 and Salisbury 1885?

6. Duffle coats are named after a town in which European country?

7. What is a dandyprat?

a) A fool

b) A small South American rodent

c) An old English coin

8. What kind of plant do bananas grow on?

a) Vine

b) Herb

c) Tree

9. What fish are kippers made from?

a) Cod

b) Herring

c) Mackerel

10. How many bottles of wine in a Methuselah?

Art and Literature

1. Who wrote "feather-footed through the plashy fen passes the questing vole"?

2. What is the value of Damian Hurst's diamond skull entitled For the Love of God?

3. Which poet first wrote "the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"?

4. Where were the borogoves mimsy?

5. What is the name of the artist who sculpted the 30ft-high statue of lovers called The Meeting Place (pictured) at St Pancras Station?

6. Who painted La Gare St Lazare in Paris in 1877?

a) Monet

b) Manet

c) Matisse

7. Which novel won the 2006 Man Booker Prize?

8. What is the next line of the poem Sea Fever? "I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide".

9. Who wrote the opera Il Trovatore?

10. Where can you admire the drawing skills of Harry Beck?


1. How many players are there in an Australian football team?

2. Which is the only English town with two racecourses? Not counting all-weather courses

3. In 1966 which English footballer had to wrestle a dog called Nipper on the pitch?

4. Which former Rugby league star died in November 2007 aged 43?

5. What is the nickname of Northampton Town Football Club?

6. If I took my Big Bertha out of my Galloway bag what sport would I be playing?

7. Which FC plays at Turf Moor ground?

8. In which Caribbean country was England cricketer Gladstone Small born?

9. On a dartboard, which numbers come directly above and below 16?

10. Which horse won the Grand National in 2002?


1. How many times has Deirdre Barlow been married?

2. Where did Homer and Marge get married?

a) The First Church of Springfield

b) Shotgun Pete's Drive-Thru Marriage Parlour

c) The Wedding Fantasy Chapel

3. What song reached number one in 1994?

a) Bleep by Bleep

b) Boop by Boop

c) Doop by Doop

4. In The Archers, in which band did Fallon sing?

5. In which 2007 movie does Cate Blanchett play a man?

6. Which film featured the Bryan Adams song Everything I Do, which reached number one in 1991?

7. Which famous 70s glam rock star died when his Mini hit a tree?

8. Which classic Elizabeth Gaskell novel has recently been adapted for television?

9. Which Celebrity Big Brother stars divorced in November 2007?

10. What is the name of the Spice Girls' new song?


1. What is the most prevalent gas in our atmosphere?

2. Where does the food colouring cochineal come from?

3. What does e represent in e=mc2

4. How many zeroes in a giga?

5. How many pentagons in a dodecahedron?

6. What is the main constituent of egg white?

7. What is the name of the process by which plants convert light into nourishment?

8. Who invented the wind-up radio?

9. What is a quark?

10. What causes the tide to go in and out?

Win Win Win!

Win a case of wine! Simply answer all these questions correctly and it could be yours.

Send your answers to, along with details of your name, address and school name. The first entry picked will win.

By sending us your name and address, you agree to The TES Magazine sending you this prize. The TES will not use your personal details for any other future communications. The closing date for entries is Friday January 4. Answers will be on The TES website ( from Monday January 7.

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