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Have teddy, will travel

Send a toy around the world: * First select your cuddly toy - the friendlier it looks the better. Then equip it with a backpack containing a disposable camera and log book. Make sure you attach a large colourful note around its neck, asking people to take it with them on their globetrotting journeys. Anyone who does so should also take one photograph of the toy in a typical location and fill in the log book with details of the journey, any adventures that the toy was involved in and other useful information and anecdotes.

* Other small tourist mementoes could also be put in the backpack. It is important to stress that each adult who takes the toy on this relay around the world should fax or phone information about its journey to the school so that the children can monitor its progress on a map and globe in their classroom.

* The most important decision is choosing the first person who takes the toy abroad. It is best to ask a business executive, military personnel or other travellers from among the parents to make the first trip, and to set up the next two legs of the journey before leaving. Each adult who hands the toy on to the next should make sure they are loyal and will look after it well.

* The instructions must also specify a date for the return of the toy - it could set out at the beginning of term and be returned by term's end. Sending two or more toys at the same time may ensure a greater chance of success.

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