Have you noticed?

It has long been my belief that this village is run by 100 people, 97 of whom are known to me. My fellow governors are stalwarts of the drama society and the Women's Institute, members of the parish council and representatives of the playgroups and toddlers group, the village historical society, the carnival committee, the allotment society and the Brownies.

My school celebrated its 10th anniversary in September. It was the end of an era. Parents whose children started school as it opened have now seen their second child move up to the high school. These were the people who formed the first PTA and have raised thousands of pounds over the years for books and equipment as well as running family social events. With their children, they will move on to fresh jumble sales and raffles, but what will we do without them?

The question answered itself at the PTA AGM. Last year's playgroup committee all stood for office; a ready-made team of experienced fund-raisers and committee women. Who is running playgroup this year? Perhaps I should get their names now.

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