Have you noticed?

EVERY year my school surveys parental opinion, asking for numerical reponses to a series of statements about the school and for comments on individual issues and general improvements that could be made.

The trouble with consulting people is that they expect you to do what they recommend. The following two comments from this year's survey, both from key stage 1, illustrate the difficulty:

"Activity, even for a short time, enhances behaviour, attainment and concentration. The average concentration span of children is their chronological age plus one minute, and after this time a change in activity or physical activity hould be attempted. Art, music, dance and physical education should be an integral, important and continuous part of primary education, and for a complete education sould be given enough time within school to promote their importance. Is enough time being given to these subjects to promote health, relaxation and


On the other hand..."They need to more work and less playing. More reading, writing and numbers. They need less free time and sit down and work." (This from the mother of a girl in her first term in reception).

How does it go? "You can please some of the people all of the time..."

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