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My school has just received pound;800 from the Government's Standards Fund to be spent in the next three months on extra coaching for Year 6 children.

Not all of them of course - what would be the point of that? Low-achievers still struggling with basic skills don't figure in league tables.

Nor do high-fliers, ready to tackle level 5 or 6, or perhaps desperate for access to a world beyond the national curriculum. No, this money is just for those on the 34 national tests borderline.

I'm sure all parents will appreciate the need to prioritise.

Question - Is this exciting initiative:

A An intolerable extra burden for Year 6 teachers who will need to provide an extra hour a day tuition outside directed time?

B A nice little earner for one member of staff which will be bitterly resented by other teachers already working long hours of unpaid overtime?

C A desperate attempt by David Blunkett to hang on to his job by helping schools reach arbitrary and unrealistic targets?

D A genuine attempt to raise standards for all our children?

Answer on a postcard please. Marks will be given for spelling, punctuation and unquestioning gullibility.

I wonder if schools with no qualifying pupils will send the money back?

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