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It's been a bit of a week. Refreshed by my Easter break (self-catering for a family of eight) I returned to take charge of my new minded baby. Thomas is five months old and joins Daniel, just turned one, and George, two in July. Triplets would be easier. Juggling three objects is child's play if they are identical. This is like juggling a duckling, a turkey and an ostrich, not to mention Eric the psycho-pathic cat.

As the babies' mums are all teachers, they work eight until five; and every evening I have had a governors' meeting - two back-to-back on Thursday. Cancel supper. I've attended a termly briefing at County Hall, hosted a governors' association meeting and chaired a finance committee.

I've collated our parents' survey results, started the annual report and dealt with a mountain of correspondence. Wearing my other hat I have harried careers advisers about provision for autistic children and prepared a press release for Autism Awareness Week. My youngest son has GCSE revision fever, Manchester United had to replay their semi-final, Europe is at war and on Tuesday it snowed.

A house of Commons Select Committee wants information on governors' workload. I'd love to help but I simply haven't the time.

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