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Have your say on future of research

HAVE you drawn up a list of household jobs to tackle in the year ahead? Does the guttering need to be replaced? Is the living-room wallpaper in a shocking state?

Members of the new National Education Research Forum, who are helping the Government to rethink its research policy, will be compiling their own, less prosaic, list of 'key research questions' to be addressed, when they meet next month in the stimulating environment of Leeds Castle, in Kent.

The Economic and Social Research Council has already concluded that the three big education questions are:

ow to increase motivation and engagement in learning;

how to use advances in research to promote learners' practical achievements; and

how to achieve continuous improvement in learning communities.

But what do you think?

Readers who have their own ideas about what should be on the forum's list of topics most in need of research should send their agenda (100 words max) to David Budge, research editor, The TES, at the address at the bottom left of this page.

A pound;50 book token will be awarded to the sender of the best list of suggestions.

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