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Copies of the Green Paper are being sent to all LEAs, chairs of governing bodies, SENCOs and the national bodies involved in the education of children with special needs. The Green Paper is available in Braille and on audio-cassette. A separate Green Paper will be published in Wales.

A summary version of the document is also being sent to schools in England. Copies are available from DFEE Publications, PO Box 5050, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 6ZQ. Tel: 0845 6022260, fax: 0845 6033360.


The Government is undertaking a wide-ranging consultation, including regional conferences, meetings with national bodies and local meetings and discussions with parents and representatives of schools and LEAs. Written comments should be sent by January 9, 1998 to Alison Britton, Department of Education and Employment, Special Educational Needs Division, Area 2T, Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BP. Tel: 0171 925 5971, fax: 0171 925 6986.

* The Green Paper and its summary version are available on the Internet: http:www.open.gov.ukdfeedfee home.htm. Comments can be emailed to dfee.sengtnet. gov.uk

* The National Council for Educational Technology is launching a debate on the Green Paper on its email network, SENCO FORUM, as part of the consultation process. This electronic mailing list was set up by the NCET in 1995 linking more than 500 participants, mainly SENCOs, who swap ideas and share expertise. Details of how to join, free of charge, on the NCET's site at http:www.ncet.org.uksenco

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