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Head faces media frenzy

DOCU-SOAP head Ken Ford says fame won't change his life. He has told The TES he can't take seriously the attention heaped upon him by the media since his school first featured on the nation's television screens.

"Nothing's changed," said Mr Ford, 50, head of Icknield high school, a 1,500-pupil comprehensive in Luton, subject of an eight-episode fly-on-the wall documentary called School Days.

"It's been an interesting challenge this week, there have been a lot of phone calls and letters. There have mostly been calls from the media.

"I've been interviewed for GMTV, which was nerve-wracking because it was straight to camera. I've been invited on This Morning with Richard and Judy.

"There's been response from pupils who were excited to see themselves on television but I have had nothing from parents. I would only hear from them if there is something drastically wrong.

"I've seen all eight episodes an there's nothing terribly wrong. I would have liked to have seen more about the nice kids but that's not as entertaining as someone who has been brought to my office.

Absolutely nothing has changed at home, he added. "My family are just rolling about laughing at me."

It is not the first time Mr Ford has starred in a docu-soap. He featured in a six-part programme as head of Park high in Harrow which went out only on LWT.

However, Mr Ford does harbour a desire to appear on the BBC2 programme Have I Got News for You and he wouldn't mind tangling on a chat show with Sunday Times columnist A A Gill who described him as a "divvy shepherd" running up and down the school fielf trying to catch "boys being boys". "How can a grown-up behave like this and still imagine he's an adult?" he asked.

"He must have just hated his school days," said Mr Ford.

School Days can be seen on ITV at 7pm on Sunday

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