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Heads lose in a political standoff

I have every sympathy with the governors of Newbold Community School in Derbyshire who have resigned rather than try to lose a number of staff, which they would be forced to do in order to meet their budget shortfall.

By failing to fund the teachers' pay award the Government has left heads and governors in an impossible situation. The Government is playing a political game and we are the pawns, left with the unenviable task of making staff reductions. If we were forced to make cuts because of our own financial mismanagement so be it, but to be forced to make them because our masters at the centre are not prepared to provide adequate funds is disgraceful. Heads work hard to maintain staff morale in difficult times and this latest blow will destroy overnight the goodwill built up over a number of years.

No wonder the number of applications for headship is decreasing.



Coombe Girls' School

New Malden, Surrey

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