Headteachers in Jersey negotiate 13 per cent rise

* Headteachers in Jersey have negotiated a 13 per cent rise, taking their members' salaries in small primary schools to Pounds 39,000 and up to Pounds 51,000 in secondary schools, writes Frances Rafferty.

Deputy heads have also won rises, with those in primaries getting Pounds 34,000 and up to Pounds 41,000 in large secondaries.

The two-year deal puts Jersey heads ahead of their colleagues in England and Wales. According to David Hart of the National Association of Head Teachers, teachers on the island historically did better than those on the mainland, but the gap had narrowed.

In 1996, heads and deputies had their jobs re-evaluated andwith pay still determined by negotiation, union leaders were able to argue for more money in line with the new duties.

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