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Health and Well-being - Tuck into healthy eating

What the lesson is about

As part of the health and well-being curriculum area, pupils should be taught about what constitutes a balanced meal. This "Healthy Eating" collection includes activities looking at the effects different nutrients have on the body and the value of different foods.

How to use it

A great way to introduce different food types such as starch, fruit and vegetables and sugary foods is a TESiboard game where pupils have to feed "Little Bear" with the food he asks for from different categories. Another asks them to drop different sorts of food into a sorting tray.

Resources developed by the British Nutrition Foundation include the "Lunch-o-matic Memory Master", which asks pupils about the content of their school lunches, including drinks and desserts, and records it for them. Another asks children to record the different drinks they consume during a school week, and compare their intake with that of their peers.

An NgfL Cymru resource looks at the contents of a shopping trolley, so pupils can see which fruit and vegetables have what qualities. There is also a story where a girl called Alisha helps her friend Ronnie to put together a colourful fruit and vegetable basket for his grandma's birthday (foodafactoflife).

Games and quizzes are a great way to explore healthy eating. For older primary children, the TES site links to a British Heart Foundation resource where they can travel around a virtual world, learning about the hidden fats and sugars in food that we consume. There are also versions of Top Trumps and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? games based on healthy eating habits.

Where to find it

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