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Healthy eating across curriculum

A trip to McDonald's is not a conventional homework activity.

But for children at Huntley primary, in Gloucestershire, classes in healthy eating have required investigations into fast-food outlets. They have been studying the new healthier menu at McDonald's, which is now offering salads, sandwiches and fruit as alternatives to burgers and chips.

Years 2 and 3 have also visited Tesco to learn about food packaging and advertising, preservatives and nutritional information.

The children are now designing packaging for healthy products in design technology classes and will try Chinese cooking in the school's international week. They study food in science and write about their diets in literacy classes.

Olivia Kelly, their teacher, has been promoting healthy eating in cross-curricula activities ever since a survey conducted by her class revealed that most of the children eat Pot Noodles, potato waffles and chocolate muffins at meal times.

She said: "Some pupils did not even know what a healthy snack was. Now a lot of them have started eating fruit and taking exercise. Information is also getting back to the mums and they are thanking me for the classes."

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