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Hearing impairment

USING RESIDUAL HEARING EFFECTIVELY. CD-Rom. Published by RNID. pound;5 (plus pound;2.50 pp per order)

First published in 2001 as part of the RNID's education guidelines project, Using Residual Hearing Effectively is now available on a CD-Rom. The original publication contained excellent information and advice for mainstream teachers and teaching assistants across all key stages, as well as being a valuable resource for teachers of the deaf delivering Inset to schools. This has been up-dated to reflect changes in practice and in legislation, now including sections on the new-born hearing screening programme and digital hearing aids, as well as more information on different types of hearing loss and cochlear implants. The section on schools' legal duties towards deaf children gives clear guidelines on how to comply with the SEN Disability Act and there are many practical strategies to help in this.

As before, there are ideas to encourage children to use their residual hearing and for music-making with deaf children. These activities are developed in the internet links at the end of the CD. The comprehensive glossary will be useful for teachers and parents alike.

Firmly focused on making every deaf child's educational experiences as inclusive as possible, Using Residual Hearing Effectively would be a valuable resource for all staff working with deaf children of any age and in any setting.

Sandy Goler

Advisory teacher of the deaf, Kirklees

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