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Hearing impairment

Glue Ear - An essential guide for teachers, parents and health professionals.

By Lindsay Peer David Fulton Publishers pound;10

The effects of glue ear on a child's speech development and academic progress are often underestimated. With as many as one-in-seven children under the age of 7 likely to be suffering from this condition, all teachers of this age group should be aware of the problems these children can face, and the teaching and management strategies that will help them.

Glue ear can be an unpredictable, fluctuating condition, which may have a significant effect on self-esteem as well as academic progress. This book provides clear information as well as appropriate teaching strategies. It includes advice to parents on how they can help their child, and on common treatments.

Throughout, there is a strong emphasis on the author's belief that there is a connection between glue ear and dyslexia, so this is possibly not for parents or professionals seeking a more general understanding of a fluctuating hearing loss.

I would have liked to have seen references to the National Deaf Children's Society and information on local services for children with hearing impairment. But this book is generally informative and offers sound advice.

Sandy Goler Advisory teacher of the deaf, Kirklees service for children with hearing impairment

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