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Hearing impairment

How to understand and support children with hearing difficulties By Wendy Brown LDA pound;9.99 + PP

Whether you want to dip in to learn about a particular aspect of deafness or read from cover to cover, this book outlines the necessary information about how to understand and support pupils with hearing difficulties.

It explains clearly what hearing difficulties are, the different types of hearing loss and their causes, and how to identify children with hearing problems.

There are sections on general support and also specific strategies for developing numeracy and literacy, all of which give appropriate and well proven advice. Surprisingly, those with a moderate loss are not mentioned.

The technical side of the use of hearing aids, radio systems and sound field systems is explained well, as are the communication options used by deaf children. Incorporating deaf awareness across the school and the curriculum is explored.

Although aimed at key stage 1 and 2 staff, this book is informative and has information on how to support children with a hearing loss in all settings.

Sandy Goler Advisory teacher, Kirklees Service for Children with Hearing Impairment

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