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Heaven bound;Jotter

Just to keep readers up to date with the rise and rise of Bart McGettrick, who used to be known as the principal of St Andrew's College. He was also once known as the former vice-chairman of the Scottish Council of Independent Schools but is now its chairman, we can report.

As a member of the General Teaching Council, chairman of the board at Craighalbert special school and vice-chairman of the Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum, McGettrick has his hands full. But this is not the end of the story, for Bart is known in even higher places.

He has been appointed by the Vatican to join an international group of experts known as the Holy Land Schools Commission, in whose cause he has just returned from a visit to Israel, Jordan and Palestine. This panel has been looking at Christian, Jewish and Muslim schools although not, we understand, with an integrationist eye. The west of Scotland can rest easy.

McGettrick has, of course, a new title these days following the merger of St Andrew's with Glasgow University - dean of the education faculty. So those who may search for him but cannot find him at the faculty's Bearsden campus should not assume he is at the GTC, Craighalbert or in the Middle East. He may simply be in Glasgow, putting in the usual full day at his alternative office.

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