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Heinemann Secondary History Project

Heinemann Secondary History Project. (SHPModern World). Weimar and Nazi Germany. By Stephen Lee. Foundation Edition. By Fiona Reynoldson. Series editors: Rosemary Rees and Nigel Kelly. Heinemann. Price: pound;9.99. Tel: 01865 880080.


Five chapters provide comprehensive coverage of the main events and themes, including the impact of the war on the Third Reich. Much of the material is structured around key questions that provide students with a clear focus and tackle important issues. Each chapter contains a scattering of short written source extracts and plenty of stimulating visual sources. As well as the core textbook, a foundation version provides access for lower-attaining students. A Teacher's Resource Pack (pound;21.99) supports both texts.


Frequently used sets of one to five questions test understanding of sources and knowledge of key issues. The exercises at the end of each chapter provide yet more practice in answering exam questions. There is little to engage students creatively with the material, but the textbook and the Teacher's Resource Pack ensure that students are well-prepared for GCSE exam questions.


The strong narrative is supported by a clear and colourful design. Clear section headings, summary charts, bullet points and tinted biography boxes provide clear visual signposting.


Provides plenty of detailed information and gives lots of exam question practice. The combination of core and foundation texts may be appreciated by some teachers.

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