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Sara Bubb offers advice to students and NQTs I was observed for the first time just before half-term but got the feedback only after the holiday, 11 days later. The induction tutor said everything was fine, but I'm upset. Her feedback was disappointingly superficial - I really want to discuss my teaching so that I can improve.

I can appreciate your frustration - your observation was not done properly. It was late and the feedback too delayed and superficial to be useful. Your induction tutor probably thought she was doing you a favour by being brief and positive, so tell her how you feel and make sure that other observations are more detailed.

I think you and your school need to remember the statutory recommendations in Induction Circular 0090 2000. You should be observed at least once every six to eight weeks. The first one should have been within the first for weeks, not just before half-term, to reassure you and nip any problems in the bud.

It would be wise to keep a record of your induction support, monitoring and assessment, and note issues such as having a late first observation.

Any observation should have three stages: before, during and after. At future planning stages discuss arrangements such as dates, times and the focus of the observation. Make sure that your induction tutor knows what you would find most useful. Arrange a time and length of time to discuss the lesson, ideally within 24 hours.

You could jot down your feelings about the lesson so that the induction tutor is not just feeding back (which implies that you're passive) but engaging in discussion. This will help you set objectives.

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