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Sara Bubb offers advice to students and NQTs

Getting a job is difficult here in Devon. Since qualifying in 1999 I've only been able to get supply work and a part-time temporary job giving me a third of my induction period, and now I'm back doing supply. What if I can't find work to complete induction within five years?

You mention five years as if there is a time limit - there isn't. There are no time limits between gaining QTS and starting induction, and none between starting and completing induction. The limit you need to be aware of is to do with supply work.

You can do only four terms of short-term (less than a term at a time) supply work. This period starts on your first day's work on supply and is measured in calendar terms from that point, not an aggregation of your supply days. Evn if you worked for just one day and did no more teaching for four terms you would not be allowed to work as a short-term supply in the fifth term.

The fact that you are on supply doesn't affect your entitlement to induction once you get a position for a term. Your school will get money from the LEA. The headteacher should treat you the same as a permanent employee.

So you need to find a job for at least a term, whether full-time or part-time. Don't just look through ads and supply agencies; you could try sending your CV round schools with an explanatory letter.

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