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Sara Bubb offers advice to students and NQTs I started work on supply in September but then got a temporary contract from the second half of the autumn term until the end of the school year. Is there any way that my induction can be condensed into two-and-a-half terms so that I can finish in July? Will having half a term of induction left go against me in applying for a new job?

You cannot complete induction after two-and-a-half terms. You must do three full terms and, since only full terms count, you will have to do a full term of induction in your next school. However, if your present school kept you on, you could complete induction at the October half-term. That would be ideal.

I can't see many problems with your getting another job as an NQT. You will have a huge advantage over NQTs fresh from collge because you will have had a year's teaching experience. Schools will be getting pound;1,000 from the local education authority each term for each NQT, so the funding of your 90 per cent timetable should not be an issue. Start applying as soon as you know that your present school won't be able to keep you on.

Your other option is to do supply. You can do induction as a supply teacher if you have a term's placement. The LEA will pay the school the pound;1,000 funding. But as you did supply work in autumn 2000, you will only be able to do short-term supply teaching until Christmas 2001.

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