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Sara Bubb offers advice to students and NQTs

Are NQTs eligible for an early start scheme, working a couple of weeks before the summer and getting paid over the summer holidays?

It's an excellent idea to go to your school before you start work in September. It gives you a chance to meet pupils and staff, get to know your way around the building and understand the school's policies. But you're not entitled to this. A few schools offer it as an incentive. More common is for schools to ask you to come towards the end of term. Some expect you to do this for no money, others pay you as an unqualified teacher - the DfEE awards QTS after you have finished your course, so often people aren't completely qualified until the summer holidays.

What are golden hellos?

If you are doing aPGCE in secondary mathematics, science, English, modern foreign languages, design and technology or ICT in England (or maths, MFL, science, technology or Welsh in Wales), you are eligible for the pound;4,000 golden hello. You don't have to pay it back, but you don't get it as soon as you start teaching. You can only claim it from the LEA if you complete induction within five years of gaining QTS and if, within 12 months of completing induction, you are teaching that subject in a state school in England or Wales.

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