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Sara Bubb offers advice to students and NQTs

I am worried about my finances because I won't get paid until the end of September. Can I do supply for the last four weeks of term?

It would be useful, especially if you do supply in the school you'll be at in September. Remember that you may only be eligible to be paid on unqualified rates. Your training institution recommends you, but the Secretary of State for Education awards QTS, so there is a time lag. Otherwise, try other work, but don't tire yourself out. Make sure you have a decent break. The first year of teaching is exhausting - especially the first term.

I want to do an early years PGCE. Is having a psychology degree going to make it hard to get a place?

Primary courses are looking fo many things from applicants. One of them is that you can teach all the national curriculum subjects, so a broad range of GCSEs is useful. You need to specialise in one subject, where your knowledge should be at A-level standard. If you don't have A-level in a national curriculum subject you can do an advanced study of early years instead. This is where your psychology degree might be useful, so flag up your understanding of, say, child development when writing about your experience.

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