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Does the golden hello apply only to those currently doing a PGCE in secondary maths, etc? What about teachers who qualified in the past year or two?

The pound;4,000 golden hello is available to those doing a PGCE in maths, science, English (or Welsh in Wales), modern foreign languages, design and technology or ICT. You are eligible if you trained in 1999-2000 in maths and science, but only since 2000-2001 for the other subjects.

However, it's not so much a "golden hello" as a "thank you for staying" because you can claim it only if you complete induction within five years of getting QTS and if, within 12 months of completing induction, you are teaching the shortage subject in which you trained in a post of at least a term in the maintained sector. For example, you can't get the money if you are teaching maths but trained in business studies or ICT.

Primary teachers may also be eligible if they are responsible for teaching the shortage subject in which they trained to classes or groups other than their own.

To claim the money, use the form issued when you originally claimed the training incentive. It should be signed by your school, confirming that you meet the criteria. The form should then be forwarded to your local education authority.

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Sara Bubb

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