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Help preserve Louise's memory

Louise Verran, one of the contributors to Free Range Education (reviewed in Friday, February 2) died suddenly on February 14.

She was passionate about spreading the message of home education as a valid choice for all and put a great deal of enthusiasm into her chapter of our book, in which she described her own, gentle philosophy.

We have decided to establish a trust fund in her memory to give financial help to home-educated young people whose future plans might be severely hampered by lck of money. We hope to be able to offer small grants towards the purchase of essential textbooks, equipment and materials, helping to dissolve, if only in a small way, the financial obstacles some young, home-educated people face.

If your readers would like to make a donation in Louise Verran's memory, please make any cheques payable to The Louise Verran Fund and send to: The Louise Verran Fund, 62 Wallwood Road, London E11 1AZ.

Terri Dowty

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