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Help pupils play their cards right

Next week The TES launches a series of 10 free cards designed to get children thinking about the food and activity choices they make every day.

They can be collected over the summer term and together make an original teaching tool for key stage 1 and 2 children.

The Get Active Thinking Card series follows five friends, Jade, Shelley, Rupinder, Nathan and Craig, through a school day. Each card unveils the next part of the children's day, starting with breakfast and ending at bedtime.

The first card, free inside TES Teacher magazine on April 30, presents five different scenarios about what to eat for breakfast.

All of the cards have teacher notes on the back and pupils are encouraged to reach their own conclusions about what they would do in similar situations. There is no clear right or wrong answer: the cards are crafted to puzzle, to prod understanding and to get children to really think about health.

Other situations covered over 10 weeks include getting to school, flavoured drinks, outdoor activities, school snacks and body image.

Teacher and journalist John Dabell, co-author of the cards, says the concept has helped his pupils to improve their thinking skills and creativity. He adds: "As assessment tools they play an invaluable role in teasing out what children know and what their misconceptions are."

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