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Chris Drage may just have the answer for any teaching assistants wanting to boost their ICT confidence

ICT for Teaching Assistants aims to address the common concerns of teaching assistants and offers advice on how these can be overcome in order to fully exploit the potential of ICT in the school. This year the Local Government National Training Organisation (LGNTO) issued "National Occupational Standards for Teaching Assistants", which set out their role in the classroom. These have subsequently been developed into a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) across the UK.

This book intends to cover the content for this qualification and point out what a TA needs to do to achieve the performance indicators (coverage of NVQJSNVQ standards is listed in the appendix).

In this book you will discover the background to using ICT within schools and ideas concerning the role of computers in education. There's information, too, on how ICT is taught as a subject then used to support learning in other subjects, and ideas for how to use these ideas with pupils in classrooms. The book is a practical hands-on guide with words in bold representing actions on the computer, either as a sequence to follow or buttons to press, such as "Back" or "Print".

Author John Galloway is an advisory teacher in east London (and occasional book reviewer, see left). He trains staff at all levels in using ICT for teaching and learning and is a qualified NVQ assessor. His experience shines through and this is what makes the book a success - nothing exceeds a practitioner at "the chalk face".

This accessible and easy-to-use book is essential for teaching assistants who wish to develop their confidence in ICT. Obviously, you can't tell a TA all they need to know about teaching and learning with computers - there's no substitute for experience. But this book is informative, instructive and will help TAs become even more effective in the changing classrooms of the 21st century.

ICT for Teaching Assistants

By John Galloway

Price: pound;15

David Fulton Publishers

Tel: 020 8996 3610

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