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THE school of which I am head has grown rapidly and moved into a higher group. Can my governors adjust my salary to recognise the considerable change in my responsibilities?

THE head's salary is placed within an individual school range covering seven points on the leadership pay spine. The governors have an obligation to re-determine the range when the school moves into a different group and they should also take into account the school's circumstances.

The governors are expressly required not to take into account your existing salary in determining the range, but, if the lowest point on the new range is higher than your current salary, you should be moved up the spine to that lowest point.

If, however, your current salary falls within the new range already, you were, under the 2001 rules, eligible for a discretionary move of one point only up the spine, subject to a satisfactory review of targets set the previous year. But from September 2002 a move of two points may be permitted.

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