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Is there a model procedure for the conduct of a hearing of an appeal against exclusion?

No, but, if principles of natural justice are followed, it is not difficult to establish a simple model which provides the opportunity for all concerned to express their point of view. The best approachwould be something similar to the following: The chairman welcomes all the participants and explains the procedure which is to be followed, ensuring particularly that the parents understand what is to happen.

The head, or other member of staff, presents a report on the incident which led to the exclusion.A written report may be submitted in support of the case. Normally,this will have been circulated in advance and a copy supplied to the parents. All documents presented to the panel should be available to theparents.

The parents (or someone speaking on their behalf) and members of the panel may question the head about the presentation.

The parents present their case for reinstatement. The head ormembers of the panel may ask questions arising from this presentation.The panel withdraws, without the head, to consider its decision, which may be communicated straight away or subsequently in writing.

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