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It has been alleged that one of the teachers at this school has altered exam marks in the course of moderation in order to enhance the results of her own candidates. Whatis the appropriate action?

If true, this is a serious offence which strikes at the heart of the professionalism of teachers.

If the head finds that there is at least a case to answer, the teacher should be suspended from duty on full pay while the matter is thoroughly investigated. The exam board should be informed so it can take the measures necessary to protect the integrity of the exam and determine what should be done to protect the interests of the pupils.

If the investigation reveals the allegation to be true, this teacher should be brought before the disciplinary committee of the governing body with a view to dismissal.

It may be necessary for the pupils and parents concerned to be reassured that they have not suffered as a consequence of this incident.

The divorced parent of one of our pupils has sent letters and parcels to his daughter, addressed to the school. Should we allow her to have them?

This parent is making unacceptable use of the school address and he should be told to stop. I presume that the child's mother has custody - it looks as if the father is being denied access. The best course would be to advise her of the situation and to act on her instructions. Schools must resist the temptation to become involved in domestic disputes.

Questions should be sent to Helpline, The TES, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1 9XY. Fax: 0171-782 3200. e-mail: letters@tes1.demon.

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