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Helpline;Correction;School Management

Q: We have to accept back a permanently excluded pupil because an appeals panel has overturned our decision. The teachers' unions are protesting and threatening action. Is it acceptable to keep the pupil under the supervision of the senior management team rather than to return him to normal classes?

A: The allocation of a pupil to classes and the arrangements for supervision are matters of internal management under the control of the head. Given the difficulties of this case and the need to create time and space to work out acceptable solutions, the decision to keep this boy out of normal classes for as long as it takes is entirely reasonable. He will, of course, be given appropriate work to do and his performance monitored, in order to ensure that his education continues.

Q: In your detailed response on the processes for removing a pupil's name from the school roll, (Helpline, February 6) did you not omit to point out that a permanently excluded pupil can only be so removed after appeal procedures have been concluded?

A: Thank you. I did omit that point, assuming it to have been self-evident, but I am happy to confirm it in the interests of clarity.


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