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Heritage - Day belongs to St Andrew

Fiona Hyslop, the Education Secretary, is encouraging all schools and early years centres to become actively involved in St Andrew's Day celebrations as part of the Homecoming finale, in a leaflet which is being sent out across Scotland.

Learning and Teaching Scotland is providing support through school resources and a Glow group. It will also be monitoring good practice and urges teachers to share their experiences of Homecoming. Schools can become part of LTS's interactive map illustrating who's doing what and where; they can even send in their photographs.

The Government leaflet on St Andrew's Day includes brief case studies of schools' and nurseries' celebrations last year:

- Strawberry Hill Nursery in Edinburgh held a week of activities, including a visit from a piper, making tartan and flags, and sampling traditional Scottish fare;

- Fordbank Primary in Renfrewshire, dedicated a day to Scotland when pupils worked in teams, improved their knowledge of Scotland, designed tartan and tried out traditional recipes;

- St Columba's High in Inverclyde held a week-long project focused on Scotland: pupils learned about Scottish saints in religious education and the work of great Scottish minds in maths, for example.;

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