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He's behind you!

Oh yes it is . it's our round-up of pupils' reviews of the season's pantomimes. And there are lamps, laughs, heroes and villains aplenty

Oh yes it is . it's our round-up of pupils' reviews of the season's pantomimes. And there are lamps, laughs, heroes and villains aplenty

Jack and the Beanstalk

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen

Reviewed by P4-7, Udny Green School, Aberdeen

Jack and the Beanstalk was about a boy who climbs up a beanstalk to rescue Princess Apricot, King Crumble and Moo Moo from the giant and also has to kill the giant.

I thought it was really funny because it was packed with jokes. The best bit was when the birds and butterflies swished around the stage.

Christopher Smith, P7

On a scale of one to ten, nine! Things could have been better and it could have been in 3D. The funniest part was when they put different words into different popular songs. My favourite character was Moo Moo because he is a "coo coo who can doo doo a line dance". He is average cow size and there are people inside him to make him walk and to make him blink.

Dariusz Juszczak, P6

I thought it was amazing when Fairy Flora flew out - she was only attached to two threads and they were almost invisible! I was scared she might fall, but she didn't. The best joke was when Fairy Flora ripped off her clothes and showed different clothes every time and I do not know how she ripped off her clothes like that, so she must be very strong! The best costume was the Michael Jackson costume because Fairy Flora had a black wig, shiny red trousers and a shiny red top on.

Genevieve Marshall, P6

The band, costumes and special effects were thrilling. The best phrase of the whole thing was when they were saying "you don't know what to dodo doo with Moo Moo your coo coo!" My favourite characters have to be Jack's mum and Moo Moo because Jack's mum spoke really fast and Moo Moo was extremely funny.

Hannah Bougourd, P6

I liked Heather McBleather and her autobiography. I liked her because she talked and talked.

Lewis Kaye, P7

I liked when Moo Moo was hitting Jack's mother and when Jack's mother kept getting the bit wrong when she said autobiography.

Ethan Smith, P4

My favourite part was when I got to see the giant. He was bigger than I expected.

Ewan Orus, P4

My best bit was when we said: "Oh no you don't!"

Nicola McIntosh, P5

My favourite clothes were the gold dresses at Jack's and the princess's wedding.

Phoebe McMillan, P5

I liked the girl skeleton costumes because they were neon!

Hannah Bougourd, P6

My favourite costume was the Aberdeen football strip which had Messi on the back in gold.

Ewan Orus, P4

I did not like how Messi was spelt wrong and when Flesh Creep was flattened, the back of him was black

Ewan Orus, P4

I didn't like it when Jack did not climb the beanstalk. He just had a foot on a stool and his hands on the beanstalk. Also they threw down a dummy of Flesh Creep which was not very lifelike.

Genevieve Marshall, P6

I thought that there should be a special thanks to the HMT Orchestra for playing beautifully.

Christopher Smith, P7


Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh

Reviewed by P5, Leith Walk Primary

A young boy named Aladdin wants to marry a princess called Thistle Blossom. BUT meanwhile, the evil magician Abanazar (aka Have-a-banana) is trying to steal a lamp. But this is no ordinary lamp, it is the lamp which contains the Genie Of The Lamp .

Alistair and Angus

Aladdin was very poor and longed to see Princess Thistle Blossom's beautiful face. He did everything he could to see her, and one day he succeeded. They immediately fell straight in love, but Evil Abanazar caught them, and thrust them into a wild and weird adventure .

Ara and Aimee

Princess Thistle Blossom is captured by an evil wizard named Abanazar who wants the magic lamp that Aladdin got from the Cave of Glittering Delights. Aladdin goes to save the princess on the magic carpet that the genie gave him on one of his wishes. Then Wishy-Washy gets tricked into giving Abanazar the lamp. Then Aladdin had to go and get back the magic lamp from Abanazar with his mother, brother (Wishy-Washy) and the genie of the ring and the princess. They pretend there is an earthquake to get past the watch dragon. They get the lamp back from Abanazar and he turns good. Then Aladdin and the princess get married. THE END!

Anna and Daniel F

My favourite part was when we had to jump for a very long time.

Daniel Gilfoyle

My favourite part was when they threw sweets!


Our favourite bits were when Ms Twankey started singing all the Abba songs, and when Wishy-Washy fell into the washing machine and went through the wringer, then into the tumble-dryer.

Ara and Aimee

I liked when Abanazar dressed as an old man and sold the rusty old lamp for a magic lamp.

Vickram Singh

The best joke was when Wishy-Washy's mum said to him, "When I say something it is going to bounce off that girl. Then it comes down to you and you say what I say."

Hasham and Hasna

Wishy-Washy is hilarious and the best joke is the bean joke. It goes like this - Beans, beans, good for your heart, the more you eat the more you fart.

Vickram Singh

All the jokes were fabulous. We really liked Ms Twankey's hairpiece, the one with the string and the laundry. It was very funny and very well thought out. Wishy-Washy's overcoat and shorts were hilarious, as well as fashionable.

Ara and Aimee

We also liked the Sat Nav shoes and Aladdin's mother's clothes because they were strange.

Alistair and Angus

Our favourite costume was the one that Aladdin's mother wore - the one when she had a washing line on her head.

Ruby and Caitlin

I liked Abanazar's costume because of the big collars and the evil face. Wishy-Washy's costume was good because of the different colours on his shoes and top.

Vickram Singh

We would like to say thank you and cannot wait till next year's show!

Alistair and Angus

Sleeping Beauty

King's Theatre, Glasgow

Reviewed by P4, P6 and P7, Pollokshields Primary, Glasgow

I thought the panto was going to be a film. It was fabulous because there were real characters and very fancy costumes.

Fardeen, P4

It didn't only have kids' jokes; it also had adults' jokes. The best part was when Nanny Clatter Bottom - well, that's what I call her - said a joke to the doctor: "I've got a strawberry growing on my bum." My favourite character was Nanny Clatter Bottom because she said a lot of jokes.

Poonam Kaur, P6

She pretended to be Cher Lloyd by singing Swagger Jagger.

Miriam Iqbal, P6

My favourite joke is, "Something bad is coming. Who is it? Is it Jedward? No, it's the evil witch."

Hassan Ali, P7

I think the panto was exciting, a little scary and colourful. The best bit was when you had to shout out "Nanny" really loudly. My favourite character was Hector because he sang dumb songs and he was hilarious.

Yahya A Umar, P6

The funniest joke was when Nanny went to wash those dirty nappies and said when the babies wake up call me and whenever Nanny goes the babies wake up and whenever she comes the babies went to sleep.

Laiba Khan, P4

My favourite joke was when the baby farted on the guy.

Umer Iqbal, P4

The panto was good because the actors never forgot their words.

Faris Mahmood, P4

I thought the acting was real.

Adiba Ali, P4

The best part was when the dragon came on the screen because it looked so real and it was 3D.

Faris Mahmood, P4

I also liked the green screen with the dragon on it. It was like a real dragon was fighting the prince.

Azhar Sadiq, P6

The special effects where great.

Umer Iqbal, P4

The special effects were really bad, every time they put a cover over it, like the dragon, it was not realistic. The vines were good, though they had to cut through them but the interval was very long. I saw people throwing stuff.

Hassan Ali, P7

All the costumes were great, but the best were the fairies' gorgeous dresses.

Miriam Iqbal, P6

My favourite costume was Beauty's because she had diamonds in the dress.

Saffa Sharif, P4

I liked the way they made it modern by singing "When I see your face" and "I was born this way". It made me feel as if the story was just written.

Emaan Basat, P7

I didn't like the wicked witch because she was scary and she put a curse on Sleeping Beauty and was going to kill the princess.

Azhar Sadiq, P6

I didn't like the kissing.

Faris Mahmood, P4

Beauty and the Beast

Civic Centre, Cumbernauld

Reviewed by P5, St Aidan's Primary, North Lanarkshire

My favourite character was French Frank because he told hilarious jokes and pulled silly faces! When Count Clarence and French Frank squirted us all with water it was absolutely hysterical! At one of the jokes I nearly fell off my chair with laughter! My favourite was when French Frank thought that Dolly was Misha B (from The X Factor).

Eve McCulloch

My two favourite characters were Dame Dolly Do Little and French Frank. They were complete and utter doughnuts. My favourite bit was where they squirted us with the water pistols. I laughed soooo hard, water came out of my nose.

Danielle Isaac

The best joke for me was from French Frank when Clarence said name three fish that are true. Frank said: salmon, Sainsbury's haddock and Stornoway.

Christopher Corr

For me it was when French Frank said "Mary had a little lamb, she tied it to a pylon, 50 bolts went up its bum and turned it into nylon."

Gabriel McClymont

I nearly peed my pants, but luckily I didn't. But I think a lot of people did with the amount of times my teacher got up for toilet duty!

Iona Durno

My favourite part was when Count Clarence said "Love ME!" and the little girl wouldn't let go of his leg . Oh, don't get me started on the costumes. I loved Dolly's costumes. My favourite was her McDonalds dress. I was laughing and spilled my juice all down me.

Katie McCrum

I was having a drink and suddenly I had to hug in to my friend. I nearly spat out my juice at first when they were in the dark forest. I sprang up shouting "Beast! Beast! Beast!" I was terrified.

Louise Miller.

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