High hopes for the new bill

The aspirations of the children and young people bill, which aims to make Scotland "the best place in the world" to grow up, are greatly welcomed. This is anticipated to be one of the most important pieces of legislation in the sector for more than a decade.

It includes the extension of free nursery hours, entitling three and four-year-olds to 600 hours' free early learning nursery education per year - an increase from the 475 hours of free nursery care children receive now.

As a coalition working with those with care experience and complex needs, we are pleased to see more support for young people leaving care. Among this group, many are not getting the support they require to help them make a successful transition into adulthood.

Members of our coalition work with children who have additional support needs. They are the most vulnerable in our society and there are significant gaps in the delivery of the support services they need.

We look forward to scrutinising the bill and working with the Scottish Parliament to plug these gaps and ensure that it delivers on the Scottish government's aspirations to make Scotland the best place in the world to bring up children.

The Scottish Children's Services Coalition (five signatories).


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