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The high scoring years

Analysis of the pilot primaries shows the vast majority of pupils reach at least level A in maths, reading and writing by the end of P3. The two stages where value-added scores are highest are from P3 to P4 - the majority of pupils move from level A to B - and from P6 to P7 where most move from level C to D.

"The overall value added for reading was around 10 per cent higher than that for mathematics and writing. This raises the question of whether or not reading was better taught than maths in the pilot schools, or whether it is generally easier to get to level D in reading by P7," the report states.

In secondaries, there was a higher average value-added score for writing in S1 than the other subjects. Only a fifth of pupils advanced a level in maths in S1. This was reversed the next year with maths having the highest average value-added score with more than four-fifths advancing a level.

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