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Higher in one

Douglas Simpson, rector of Fortrose Academy but probably better known as chairman of the Higher Still PE specialist group, could be one of the first candidates to take the new Advanced Higher in the subject, now that the time-scale has been rejigged yet again.

Why a heidie, you may well ask. Simpson was playing Royal Dornoch with Murray Carnie of Mintlaw Academy, Alastair McKinlay of Tain Royal Academy and Willie MacKay of Golspie High when he struck a hole in one at the 148-yard par three 13th hole.

Simpson, an all rounder, attributes his golfing success to a two-week trip to France with a school party. Perhaps the lack of practice, the mental rehearsal and visualisation techniques had something to do with it. Or was the company of three fellow heidies who are also members of the PE specialist group responsible for the stroke of luck?

Our suspicion is that the presence of two elders of the Kirk playing on a Sunday may have been the critical factor. A question for forthcoming PE consultation seminars on Higher Still: where on the performance scale does this come?

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