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Highland wanderers

The General Teaching Council cannot be accused of failing to pull out all the stops in its efforts to meet the people (ie teachers). The council's annual caravan, which takes it round the country each October, stopped off at Inverness this week.

Well, it didn't exactly stop. Council members met some of the area's teachers in the town's Millburn Academy on Tuesday.

Then it was on to the Inverness Thistle Hotel for accommodation and dinner. Transport had to be laid on the next day to take council members to the Inverness Town House for its scheduled meeting.

This was followed by a return bus to the Inverness Thistle so GTC members could collect their cars and proceed to the Drumossie Hotel, on the outskirts of the town, where Highland Council was hosting a lunch. Those without cars had then to get back into Inverness to catch their trains.

An organisational tour de force. But small wonder that, as one report to the meeting stated, "the workload of the secretary to the registrar had increased to an intolerable degree".

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