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Two art exhibitions inspired by the work of pupils at Papdale Primary in Orkney will open to the public tomorrow and next week.

Orkney-based artists Matilda Tumim and Chris Prendergast, a married couple with three school-aged children, spent a year as artists-in-residence at the Kirkwall primary school, which has approximately 500 pupils.

Their remit was to create works of art that would become permanent fixtures in the school and to create a body of their own work, for public exhibition, inspired by their experience there.

Matilda and Chris, who work together as "Christil Trumpet" (a loose anagram of their names), spent until May this year at Papdale, creating a series of huge decorative canvas panels for the school's foyer. The paintings are based on pictures produced by the pupils through the children's drawing game called "Consequences", where one child draws the head of a creature on a piece of paper, folds it over so it can't be seen, then passes it on to the next child who adds the torso, and so on until the creature is complete.

The "Consequences" panels were officially launched at the school in June. Now pupils, teachers and members of the public can see personal work produced by the two artists during their residency, and in the six months since it ended, in exhibitions opening tomorrow at the Pier Arts Centre in Stromness and at Kirkwall Museum next week.

Matilda Tumim says: "One of the aims of the residency was to let people see how artists' work develops. In the exhibition at the museum, the influence of the children's drawings on us will be obvious.

"At the Pier Arts Centre, where our work will include paintings embellished with embroidery, it's much less apparent and it will be interesting to hear what the staff and pupils think."

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