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Christmas came early to Shetland this year with a seasonal spectacular at Lerwick's new museum on Saturday, December 1. The main attraction was a Schools' Enterprise Fair, and taking part were pupils and staff from 14 Shetland schools, ranging from nurseries to high schools.

Up to 400 people were expected through the doors for the event but more than 600 turned out to buy Christmas gifts from the enterprise stalls, where goods included eco shopping bags, calendars, African drumming CDs (the result of schools' workshops) and the perennial favourite - Reindeer Dust!

Live music was provided by a remarkable fiddle group from Brae High, the New Traditionalists, as well as pupil buskers singing carols.

Kirsty Kennedy, Shetland Museum's lifelong learning officer, said: "The Christmas Spectacular was a great opportunity for all our schools to show how creative they can be. In previous years, some schools have set up a table at the shopping centre in Lerwick at Christmas, but the new museum is an ideal venue.

"Not only is it good for the schools, it's also good for the museum, because family and friends came along to support the pupils and stayed to see what else we have to offer. Enterprise is very strong in Shetland schools. In fact, we already stock a number of items in the museum shop that pupils produce, including a very popular children's guide to Shetland. Depending on feedback, the Schools' Enterprise Fair could be an annual event."

Since opening in May, the museum has become the focus of an increasing amount of schools' activity with continuing professional development sessions, for instance, being held there.

The topic - how the museum resources, and even the spectacular building itself, fit into A Curriculum for Excellence.

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