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Hillbrook addresses its future

Following the recent articles and letters in The TES about the inspection process generally and Hillbrook primary in particular, I want to clarify certain points.

There are various opinions among those connected with our school as to whether the inspection report was totally fair or not. Nevertheless, the school is addressing all issues raised in the report.

The school has drawn up a well-organised action plan and it and governors are now engaged in the serious hard work of implementing it speedily and effectively.

Concerns regarding the behaviour of the registered inspector will not distract us from this task.

I agree with the view expressed by Gerry Davies (TES, April 5) that an important function of governors is to support staff before, during and after the inspection. However, a process that can leave teachers in tears or stressed to the point that they cannot teach must be questioned as to its effectiveness.

Alan Smith in his letter (TES, April 5) refers to a "parents' campaign". The governors have made it clear on several occasions that improvement will be made by co-operation between governors, school and parents. Ultimately, success will depend on the teaching staff and it is vital that we support rather than criticise their efforts.

JANET E BILBIE Chairman of governors Hillbrook primary Upper Tooting Road London SW18

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