KS 2) The awe and wonder of the airship could be an excellent writing task: a good model can be found at the website Airships over Manchester tinyurl.combjorc.

KS 3) Use the airship as a starting point to investigate the contrasts between rich and poor in the the 1930s. The website 'Travelling by airship'

tinyurl.comdy5gq gives a sense of the luxury of airship travel to contrast with life for the poor affected by the Depression (good starting point is Answerpoint - tinyurl.coma5mea).

KS 45) Consider the more sophisticated issue of the propaganda use of airships by the Nazis and also how the Hindenburg disaster was handled. Footage of the disaster is available from www.britishpathe.com. Students could be asked to suggest what voice-over might have accompanied this footage in Nazi newsreels.

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