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KS2 Use presentation or desktop publishing software to trace the progress of contacts between European travellers and traders with the Mughal empire.

There is a useful map to use as a template at en.wikipedia.orgwikiMughal Use hyperlinks to connect specific parts of the map with events or people, or with other sources of information. An age-old favourite for discussion: who was the greatest emperor? Discuss criteria and create Top Trump cards for the different rulers, pondering whether rulers from other cultures and time periods can be effectively measured by the same criteria.

KS 4-5 Students could use this article to assess themselves on an "ignorance scale" about Asian history - 100 per cent if they knew nothing, 10 per cent if they knew one thing, and so on. Then ask them to analyse failures in British andor American policies in Asia and consider whether lack of knowledge about the area may have been an issue.

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