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History - Crucial events on the record

What is it?

The Schools History Project is a collection of resources pulled together by TES history adviser Daniel Hartley (username ChulmleighCommunityCollege) with GCSE in mind, but Scottish teachers will find a lot of useful material here.

How to use it

The collection covers a range of historical movements - from how medicines were developed, to the two world wars.

Looking at newspaper reports from different angles can be a good basis for discussion. There's a useful collection of resources on the Vietnam anti- war movement (ThePeopleSpeak).

If you're revising rationing during the Second World War, the National Education Network (username NEN) has uploaded some links to first-hand video accounts.

English Heritage has supplied an activity on poverty and the Poor Law of 1834, with a worksheet where pupils can look at extracts from a poorhouse master's journal and discuss how these institutions were run. A resource on Victorian prisons, supplied by the National Archives, asks pupils to look at extracts of prison records. Tasks include asking pupils to imagine they are the governor of one of these prisons - can they write a report on their surroundings? Bear in mind that Scottish Heritage and the National Archives of Scotland have a wealth of online resources on Scottish history.

A number of TES resources cover Germany 1918-45. RandomGirly's used her lesson plan on the Weimar Republic constitution in a successful job interview. It includes a timeline of the key events that led to the Republic's demise in 1933. And there are materials on the Hitler Youth.

Where to find it

This collection of history resources can be found at

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