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History - The drama of ancient Greece

What is it?

This "Ancient Greece" collection provides material on myths and gods, war, the Olympic games and society.

How to use it

Background resources include an ancient Greek timeline (from howsoonisnow), a map pupils can use to locate places associated with ancient Greece (vicky78) and information on the legacy of the ancient Greeks, such as contributions to philosophy, architecture, drama, science and democracy (NuffieldHistory).

There is also a range of schemes of work with cross-curricular links and vocabulary cards to introduce pupils to Ancient Greek (sonia.pidduck).

Taking it further

Material on myths and gods includes a lesson where children use stories as a starting point for historical research and discover that the past can be represented in different ways, and lessons on Theseus and the Minotaur to look at interpretations of history (both NuffieldHistory).

Two resources on Perseus and Medusa are a version in rhyming couplets that can be used for a drama performance, and one that can be used for a wall display (both choo).

Warfare resources include a lesson on weapons and tactics used in ancient Greece, with extracts from The Iliad (NuffieldHistory).

A PowerPoint looks at the differences and similarities between Athens and Sparta (sillybilliz) and activity sheets comparing the two cities (tmccan).

Where to find it

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