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History - Empathy with a world at war

What is it?

A "Second World War" collection that encourages children's empathy skills can make all the difference in teaching about the war. It includes detailed lesson plans, sources of information, emotive images, audio interviews, film footage and display materials.

What's in it

DavidHowes1977 has shared his plans for upper primary, with a range of supporting resources, including an introductory lesson on the build-up to war. This features a comprehensive timeline, lessons on air raids, evacuees, rationing and the role of women during the war. The resources are supported by links to audio files.

The home front is also covered in a plan uploaded by rbinnie1, which looks at what life was like for children during the war.

Martinelangridge has supplied a document for the interactive whiteboard on presenting a drama on evacuation, while Faye-Marie has provided a PowerPoint on evacuees, aimed at P5, and honestyrose has uploaded an assembly on the war, told with the backdrop of the Raymond Briggs story "Ethel and Earnest", which is being made into a film for release later this year.

Resources on the course of the war include an activity exploring the events at Dunkirk by comparing a holiday beach scene with the war zone, complete with worksheets to support pupils' writing targets (FranklinWatts), and a set of fact sheets about D-Day which can be used to link literacy and history (TLChen).

A PowerPoint uploaded by ReissyT provides an introduction to the leaders and countries involved in the conflict, including maps and images, while gloverjess123 has provided a document of facts about Hitler, including details of his family and schooling.

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